New App: Tank Domination HD

mzl.iunqbiif.175x175-75Tank Domination is a free-to-play MMO action game for mobile devices that throws you into the thick of modern armored vehicle combat!
Year 2023. The world is controlled by corporations that have started an all-out war for planet’s resources. Law and order are obsolete, the only rule that counts now is the rule of the gun.
Every corporation commands its very own army of mercenaries. You are one of these ruthless professionals. Select an armored killing machine, modify and upgrade it to get an advantage over the enemy, and hurry to the front lines to crush him!

• Real-time armored vehicle combat;
• Detailed realistic 3D;
• Unique maps in three different regions of the world;
• Destructible environment: knock down walls and buildings;
• Realistic physics
• 10 on 10 team PvP that combines the depth of a tactical strategy with the thrill and intensity of an action;
• 30 different vehicles, including the devastating SPGs: modern models as well as hi-tech prototypes
• 700+ ammo types;
• 900+ modifications: Running Gear, Turret, Main Gun, and other modules can be modified to raise your vehicle’s stats;
• 30+ special items: First Aid Kits, Repair Kits, Reactive Armor, Mines, Compensators, Mufflers, Camouflage Nets, and many more;
• Quick-message system: coordinate actions with your teammates;
• Intuitive controls: double tap to select a target and tap again to rain fire on it!

Device: iOS iPad
Category: Games
Price: FREE
Version: 1.02
Download Tank Domination HD on the App Store.




App Goes Free: Mimpi

mzl.pksxleex.175x175-75Mimpi is FREE for a limited time | Brought to you by 3 Magic Shots. Download 3 Magic Shots to get more awesome apps like Mimpi for FREE
TouchArcade: 4,5/5 "Mimpi is adorable, the artwork is amazing, and the puzzles are both challenging and simply fun to play through … I highly recommend folks check it out."
Arcade Sushi: 9/10 "This first rate app is an absolutely gorgeous title, and it’s one of the few physics based puzzlers that moves the heart and the mind."
App Addict: 4/5 "Mimpi is delightful platformer, that really shines due to the challenging puzzle element which often cleverly utilizes the touch screen."

Explore strange new worlds and unique adventures in Mimpi – a fantastic new adventure, puzzle, and platformer game. The game is like a psychedelic illustration come alive! Mimpi the dog is searching for his master in eight diverse worlds. The environment is seldom repetitive, the puzzles are always new. The story is told without words by the game world itself. The game can be played by anyone, kids, adults, hipsters, crypto terrestrials… 🙂
Mimpi runs best on iPad 1, iPhone 4, iPod Touch 4 gen and newer.

– 8 different illustrated levels where each screen is different – Puzzle, platformer and adventure mechanics combined into unique gameplay style
– Unique puzzles and minigames that seldom repeat
– 24 short comics to discover
– Unobtrusive story that is told completely without words, no boring dialogues
– Music that changes as you progress levels – 8 character skins available in game

Device: iOS Universal
Category: Games
Price: FREE from $2.99
Version: 1.0.2
Download Mimpi on the App Store.

What’s New in Version 1.0.2
– circles/key puzzle simplified
– many minor bugfixes
– more generous inapp purchases
– gameplay optimization
– graphics tweaking
– GUI/sound polish



App Gone Free:Nightmares from the Deep: The Cursed Heart

mzl.xdyqrktl.175x175-75Nightmares from the Deep™ for free! Don’t miss out!
Set sail on a mind-boggling pirate adventure!
Dive into an epic journey as a museum owner in pursuit of an undead pirate who has kidnapped your daughter, taking her away in his ghost galleon. You quickly realize that the undead pirate is entangled in a tragic, centuries-old love story, and wants to resurrect his mistress with the youth’s life force. With danger lurking in every corner, you must act quickly to save the young girl’s life before it is too late. Travel through haunting seas, ruined fortresses, and bone-covered catacombs as you uncover secrets from the past!

● 45 Seaworthy and landlubber locations to explore
● 39 Unique Hidden Object Scenes
● 16 Intriguing mini-games
● In-depth Strategy Guide
● Hauntingly majestic scenery
● Game Center Support
● iPhone 5 support
● New iPad Retina Display Support

Device: iOS iPhone
Category: Games
Price: FREE from $4.99
Version: 1.4
Download Nightmares from the Deep: The Cursed Heart for iPhone on the App Store.

Device: iOS iPad
Category: Games
Price: FREE from $6.99
Version: 1.4
Download Nightmares from the Deep: The Cursed Heart for iPad on the App Store.



App Goes Free: Stock + Pro

Stock_.175x175-75 Stock + Pro provides a stock ticker right in your menubar. It’s easier than ever to keep track of moves in the market with graphs and other details at your fingertips.
★ Scrolling Ticker Tape
Customize the tape to fit your needs. Use it in the menubar or on the desktop, adjust the width, speed, text color, horizontal vs vertical scrolling, and symbol vs full name.
★ Broad Quote Support
Get quotes for stocks, indexes, funds, and commodities.
★ Live Quotes
Don’t settle for delayed quotes when you can enjoy live quotes. Check website for list of supported market exchanges.
★ News
Skip the browser and get all of your news through Stock + Pro. The RSS articles that we aggregate are de-cluttered with the Readability service. Print, email, tweet, or like articles right from within the app.
★ Graphs
Select the graph that shows the information you need. Graphs cover from 1 day to 5+ years. Choose from line, bar, and candle style graphs. Add overlays such as dividend payout markers, simple moving averages, exp MA, Bollinger Bands, and more.
★ Rules & Actions
Tell Stock + Pro what kind of market moves you are interested in and it will alert you when they happen.
★ Themes
Choose from up to 5 different skins to make your finances look even better.

What’s New in Version 1.2.1
• Fixed a bug that would cause the app to crash for 10.7.5 users.
• Fixed an issue where alerts would not trigger after market close.
• Added more precision to quotes (4 decimal places instead of 2)

Device: Mac OS
Category: Finance
Price: FREE from $4.99
Version: 1.2.1

Download Stock + Pro on the Mac App Store for FREE.

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Updated App: Infuse 2 Now Free

Unknown-1Ignite your video content with Infuse – the beautiful way to watch videos in as many as 14 formats on your iPhone or iPad. No need to convert files! Infuse is optimized for iOS7, with integration and unmatched AirPlay & subtitle support. Gorgeous interface. Precise controls. And 1080p silky-smooth playback. Continue reading Updated App: Infuse 2 Now Free

New App: Ember – Capture, Organize and Share

UnknownEmber makes it incredibly easy to capture, organize and share the things that inspire you.

Take a photo of some typography you love, a screenshot of your favourite app, or import photos from your Camera Roll.

Build Collections of related things – how about “My Dream Kitchen” – and as you add tags and other information to your images create Smart Collections – for example “Images Tagged with “Kitchen” whose primary color is “White””. There’s hundreds of amazing ways to use Ember – make it your own, and sync it between your iPhone, iPad and Mac with iCloud.

We’re just getting started with Ember for iOS, and in future updates you’ll see some powerful new features available to purchase – however you’ll always be able to capture, organize and edit the things that inspire you for free.

Ember works best on an iCloud-enabled device, and is designed to work with Ember for Mac – available separately on the Mac App Store. Continue reading New App: Ember – Capture, Organize and Share

New App: iCare – The Simple Way to Care Your Mac for FREE


iCare is an all-in-one package that includes a variety of system tools to help you clean and protect your Mac.
For slow Macs, iCare can release RAM to increase the processing speed. It can also help users protect their personal data from malware and Mac virus. users who suffer from small hard drive space, iCare can clean trash, logs, and cache files to free up hard drive space. Its Duplicates and Old Files Finder can further clean up more space for users. Additionally, iCare can clean temporary files of web browser and get rid of unwanted apps or files. The iCare is available from the Mac App Store for FREE.

Continue reading New App: iCare – The Simple Way to Care Your Mac for FREE

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